Maintenance Sprays (5x150ml) 


All of the essential products to maintain an eBike in one handy kit. Contains Connection Spray to keep electrical contacts functioning at peak efficiency, Chain Degreaser Spray to thoroughly clean down the drivetrain, Foam Cleaner Spray to take care of dirty frames without the need for water, Chain Lube Spray to re-lubricate the chain after cleaning and Wax Polish Spray to protect the frame once cleaned. The perfect upsell with every eBike sale.



Connection Spray (150ml) 

 A non-corrosive and non-conductive contact cleaner which protects and cleans electrical components, leaving no residue behind.

The powerful jet spray can be used from all angles with no loss of penetrating power.


Chain Degreaser Spray (150ml) 

 Effectively cleans and degreases chains, gear mechanisms & sprockets.

Rapid air drying formula leaves no residue, allowing you to re-lube your chain straight after cleaning.

Maintenance Sprays For E Bikes