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Samsung 25R cells are tried and true, resilient cells meant for high power applications! Each cell is capable of an incredible 20A maximum continuous discharge!

These are the cells you want if you’re building a high power battery, especially if you’re using a smaller number of cells in parallel.

With a 2,500 mAh capacity, they have moderately high capacity, but not as high as our somewhat lower power cells. If you want the absolute highest capacity 18650 cells though, you’ll want to check out our LG MJ1 cells which have 10A max discharge but 40% more energy capacity per cell.

Please note: These Samsung 25R 18650 cells can actually provide considerably higher power than the present Vruzend kit is rated for. Yes, they are still absolutely compatible with the Vruzend battery building kit, but you just won’t be able to take advantage of the highest level of power they can provide. Most people opt to spot weld these cells to unleash the absolute maximum power you can get from them.

The Samsung 25R battery cells are made to Samsung’s highest quality control standards. These aren’t cheap Chinese cells – these are the real deal. High quality meets high performance!

This item includes two cells. So when ordering, remember to divide the total number of cells you need by two. If you need 50 cells, add quantity 25 to your cart and you’ll get 50 cells total.

Sumsung Genwine 2pc 25R 18650 Li-ion Battery 2.500MAH 3.7V 20A

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