The VRUZEND V1.6 kit comes with enough components to build a battery with up to fifty-two (52) 18650 cells.

Building a battery larger than 52 cells? Just combine multiple kits together to reach any battery size you need.

The V1.6 kit replaced our V1.5 kit by adding barrel bolts to compress the pack’s connections. This helps ensure consistent connections even under high vibration environments. The caps are also slightly longer to give more gripping surface, but the dovetail interconnections are still backwards compatible with V1.5 kits.

Each basic kit includes:

  • 104 cell terminal blocks with SS spring contacts (enough for 52 18650 cells)
  • 104 screw terminals and nuts
  • 130 stainless steel conductive bus bars
  • 6 main wire clamps (for charge/discharge wires)
  • 12 barrel bolts for securing the caps on the cells


The VRUZEND V1.6 kit includes everything you need to physically join your cells together and perform all of the electrical connections. However, you’ll still need a charger to charge the battery and a BMS if you you’d like to use one (recommended for safety). You’ll also need 18650 cells. You can’t have ours – they’re just for pretty pictures!


  • No soldering or spot welding required… at all! You can finally build a battery with nothing more than a socket driver or wrench and your bare hands!
  • End cap standoffs – four posts on the end of each cap keep the conductive metal components off of your workbench and help reduce the chance of short circuits. Safety first!
  • Inherently vibration resistance – the plastic cap material works as a firm spring to keep the nuts from vibrating loose. No nylock, split washers or loc-tite needed!
  • Customizable and adjustable – build a battery of any size, and increase the battery voltage or capacity as your needs change. By simply moving or adding cell blocks and series or parallel connections, you can increase the voltage or amp-hour capacity of your battery easily!
  • Serviceable – if a cell ever dies, you can open up the pack and replace it!



VRUZEND battery kit V1.6

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